The PiCart

The PiCart

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Want to improve your consoles appearance? This will make your retro dreams come true

The PiCart console comes inside a NES style catridge and includes two SNES style usb controllers. Complete with an professional printed cartridge sticker! 

Product includes

  • The console preloaded with classics from SNES and NES games - list here 
  • 16gb of onboard storage! 
  • Two SNES replica controllers 
  • The power 3amp power supply 
  • One years warranty and support 

System supports up to 3 wired controllers without an additional USB hub. 

All products come with ONE YEAR WARRANTY!! 


You can check out the software in action here.  

If you have any questions please consult our FAQs before contacting us! 

*Please note there are limitations to the Raspberry Pi emulation system, you can read about these here

*Please note: to avoid copyright issues no roms are installed until the customer turns on the device*