HyperPie - with Attract Mode

HyperPie - with Attract Mode

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**Please note there is a 3 day lead time with this product**

Want to have the ultimate retro experience? This is the product for you!

Our HyperPi system includes:

  • Two interfaces – one with video artwork and special effects!
  • A large range of classics from over 50 different systems! Including MAME, Sega MegaDrive, Dreamcast, SNES and Playstation 1
  • Between 250-500gb of storage!

 System list can be found here

That’s all in addition to the standard package that comes with all our products, including:

  • Pre-configured console with 2 wireless controllers - PS3 style with 14 buttons and 2 thumbpads.
  • Pre-configured Raspberry Pi 3 with Bluetooth and WiFi (a computer the same size as a credit card)
  • Raspberry Pi 2.5 amp power supply
  • Instructions on how to add more classics
  • Email support if you have any issues
  • A protective case


The kit will come pre-configured with everything you need, all you need to do is plug it into a TVs HDMI Connect and the included power supply!

Videos can be found here 

Attract Mode Demo  - Similar to HyperSpin
Emulation Station Demo - With Video Previews of Games

All products come with ONE YEAR WARRANTY!!

*Please note there are limitations to the Raspberry Pi emulation system, you can read about these here*

If you have any questions please consult our FAQs before contacting us!

**Please note there is a 3 day lead time with this product**
*Please note: to avoid copyright issues no roms are installed until the customer turns on the device*